Harshita Dave Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth & Crime Patrol Filmography

Harshita Dave is a well-known fashion influencer and model based in Mumbai, India. She is widely known for her modeling and fashion-based videos, as well as her acting and dance skills. Harshita has a passion for all things fashion, beauty, and acting and has built a successful career by showcasing her versatility in these areas.

In addition to her acting and modeling work, Harshita is also a popular content creator, sharing makeup hacks and beauty tips with her followers on social media platforms such as YouTube. She has a large following on Instagram, with over 40,000 followers, and has also launched her own online store, which can be accessed at https://zaamo.co/harshita_dave.

Harshita has appeared in numerous episodes of the popular crime thriller series Crime Patrol and has been praised for her ability to portray a variety of different characters. She can be contacted for business inquiries via email at business.harshitadave@gmail.com and celebrates her birthday on April 6th.

Harshita Dave Crime Patrol Filmography

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