Real Name of All Female Cops in Crime Patrol TV Serial

Actresses in the role of Police Inspector in Crime Patrol. List of the female police in Crime Patrol TV Serial along with Real Name, Biography & their Instagram.

List of actresses who played the role of police inspector in Crime Patrol TV Serial on Sony TV India.

List of All the Female Cops in Crime Patrol TV Show

1. Shashwita Sharma

Shashwita Sharma is an Indian actress who has been featured in the Crime Patrol Satark series and has also appeared in a number of commercials for Indian TV channels such as Britannia 50-50, ITC, and Netflix.

She majorly plays the role of a fearless cop in Crime Patrol Satark series.

Shashwita sharma is a Professional Actor in Theater, Film & Television. Born into a rich tradition of music, she is trained in Hindustani Classical Music (vocal) by her Mother/Guru Dr Neelima Sharma.

2. Suman Kumari (Suman Singh)

Suman Kumari or Suman Singh is an Indian actress mostly featured in Crime Patrol Indian TV Serial where she mostly plays the role of a female inspector.

3. Alefia Kapadia

Alefia Kapadia is an Indian television actress. She has done many roles in various Indian television shows. She made her television debut in Just Mohabbat, followed by Daaman. She has been also seen in episodes like Star Bestsellers, Rishtey, C.I.D & Crime Patrol.

4. Maleeka R Ghai

Maleeka Ghai is an Indian actress who is best recognized for her roles in TV series like as Gandhari in Dharmakshetra, as Bhadrama in Chandrakanta, as Aanchal Pandey in Desh Ki Beti Nandini, Saraswatichandra & several episodes of Crime Patrol.

5. Reshma Kotian

Reshma Kotian played the role of cop in Crime Patrol Dial 100 Series. She has also played other important roles in Indian TV and Film Industry.

Reshma Kotian

6. Manasi Kulkarni

Manasi Kulkarni is a popular actress who predominantly works in the Marathi and Hindi film and television industry. Born and bought up Mumbai, she has worked in Hindi and Marathi theatre for over 12 years and has bagged many reputed awards during that time.

7. Namrata Jadhav

Namrata Jadhav is an Indian Actress/Model started her career as dancer and model.

Apart from her acting she is also a bloggers, dancer and a traveller. She achieved all this while coming from an IT Engineering background through her hard work and dedication. Namrata is quite famous for playing a role of cop in Crime Patrol TV serial on Sony TV India.

8. Piyali Munsi

Piyali Munsi is an Indian actress and model from Santoshpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She made her debut in Bengali movies with the film Rangeen Gudhooli in 2008 and in Hindi TV with serial Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga in 2012.

Crime Patrol 2.0 Cops Cast - Piyali Munsi as Shefali Sengupta (Police Inspector)

Piyali Munsi as Shefali Sengupta’s Crime Patrol filmography

  • Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 13 (Officer से हुई गलती ने दिया Case को नया रूप)
  • Crime Patrol 2.0 | Ep 40 & 41

9. Pia Tripathi

Crime Patrol 2.0 Cops Cast - Pia Tripathi as Manju Singh (Head Constable)

10. Hiral Mehta

Hiral Mehta is an Indian actress from Mumbai. Hiral Mehta completed her schooling from RBK School and graduation in BMM from Nagindas Khandwala. Hiral is __years old (Born on 8th June) belongs and loves in Mumbai, India.

11. Leena Balodi

Leena Balodi has been seen playing DSP in few episodes of Crime Patrol in the year 2021.

Apart from being an actress, she is also known as Dr. Leena Balodi. Leena Balodi is a doctor and an indian actress who is known for her roles in movies like Mardaani 2 (2019), Global Baba (2016) and C.I.D. (1998).

She is also featured in various Crime patrol episodes and currently playing a role in Tere Bina Jiya jaye na on TV.

12. Sonam Arora

Sonam Arora is an Indian film actress and model. Her debut in 2008 t-series music video “Woh Bewafa…. Sonam Arora is 32 years old (Born: September 18, 1990)

Sonam Arora has played cop in the Crime Patrol Series back in 2020. Apart from Cop she has also played various different roles for Crime Patrol Satark and Dial 100 episodes.

Sonam Arora

13. Sudeepta Singh

Sudeepta Singh is an Indian Actress and Model. Sudeepta Singh is 32 years old (born on 15 October 1988) from India. Sudeepta Singh is known for Poorna (2017), C.I.D. (1998), Seher (2017) & various important episodes of Crime Patrol and other Tv shows.

14. Annie Singh

Annie Singh is an Indian Actress, a DJ, Blogger & Traveller. She is also a successful Dj in the Indian DJ industry (her IG username is Dj Ann). She has been seen in various episodes of Crime Patrol where she played a cop and other character.

Watch her video on Youtube where she played a Cop in one of the Crime Patrol Episode.

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