Crime Patrol 2.0 Ep 68 Cast Real Name (8.6.22) Actress Real Name

A Wedding Turned Into A Mess | Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 68 – Cast Real Name & Instagram

Bhoomi – Nazneen Khan

Nazneen Khan

Nazneen Khan is a Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. She was also featured in various episodes of Crime Patrol and other crime shows.

She has a huge amount of fan following on Social Media Platforms.

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A newly wedded couple is spending their first night together when tragedy hits the house. On the other hand, a different woman wakes up with a questionable pain in her stomach even though she slept alone. She leaves the room to find something shocking. The police enter the first case and realize the tragedy wasn’t by an internal cause or conflict.

  • Show Name: Crime Patrol 2.0
  • Episode: 68 – 8 June 2022
  • Producer: Anup Soni, Shamael Khan

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